I love eggs. I eat them every day. Often several times a day. I could live on eggs. As far as I am concerned, there is no such thing as too many eggs.

Most of the time I eat them scrambled simply because I am lazy. But my favorite way to eat them is over easy. I had my first over easy egg in China and was quickly hooked. Looking back, eating partially cooked eggs in China was probably a poor life choice. But I lived to tell the tale!


In case you weren’t aware, eggs come from chickens. Laugh if you want, but some people aren’t. All hens can lay eggs. Just like all cows can produce milk. But some breeds are better layers than others. Think of dog breeds. Some are good hunters, some are known for loyalty, some for speed. Chickens (and cows and pigs) are the same. Different breeds have different characteristics. We have a variety of breeds here at Wyebrook, but most of our laying flock are Rhode Island and New Hampshire Reds.

Did you know that chickens are not vegetarians? Nope. Their favorite foods are worms, locusts, and fly larvae. So if you go to the store and see some beautiful cage-free, vegetarian-fed eggs, don’t buy them! At least don’t buy them if they are more expensive because you aren’t getting anything special for your money. To keep your chicken is a vegetarian, you cannot let it go outside because it WILL find bugs. That’s all there is to it.

Chickens who spend their whole life in a barn are technically “cage free.” In the same way “organic” doesn’t mean the chickens spent their lives outside. It just means they weren’t caged and were fed organic grain. The best way to ensure your eggs come from truly free-range, pastured chickens is to…know your farmer! How many times have I said that in the past six months? Anyone keeping count?

I’m guessing most people know how to scramble or fry and egg so I don’t really need to share recipe links, do I? You should try this one for hard “boiled” eggs in the oven only because it is so much easier than actually boiling them, especially if you are making egg salad or deviled eggs for a party.

Also, I take back my earlier statement about over easy eggs being my favorite way to eat eggs. Jian bing wins that award. It’s a savory crêpe sold by Chinese street vendors. It is probably the thing I miss most about China. I ate one every day for nine months. I’d probably trade a kidney for one.


6 thoughts on “Eggs

    • They normally do a spicy chili sauce and a delicious, crispy cracker/wonton thing. That’s what make the crepe. If you ever want to go back, I’ll come along and take you to my favorite vender in Suzhou!

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