I Moved!

Not far. Just downstairs. For anyone who was wondering where Ryan was on Friday when we were running around chasing calves, he was busy getting ready to get married. Congrats, Ryan & Laurel!

He moved out so I took over his room. It is larger and I get my own bathroom. Yay! The best part is that I actually have room to do yoga! It was a small move, but my world is still in a temporary state of chaos as I try to find places for all my possessions.

Things at the farm were crazy again today. Friday it was the calves. Saturday it was the steers. Several of them jumped the fence down at Lundale when Ethan moved them and he had to chase. Today the water went out at Lundale. Something is wrong with the well. Ethan called me at 7:30 to tell me and I didn’t have a clue what to do. Ryan had warned me that we might have problems with the valves and Steve knows how to fix them so we were ready for that. But the well going out hadn’t crossed anyone’s mind. They brought in a tank and were pumping water up to the steers. Hopefully they get the well fixed ASAP or Steve & I might be bringing 60 steers back to the farm. Now there’s a scary thought.

One of my college friends was in town for the weekend visiting friends in Delaware and the three of them came up to the farm today! Kristen and I met through mock trial our freshman year. She was smart enough to get out while she still had a life; I sold my soul to the team. (And loved every minute of it!) We reunited senior year in our honors essay seminar, but lost touch after graduation. We reconnected thanks to blogging and I was thrilled to have her come see the farm.

After all the craziness, I could really use a day off, but that will have to wait until next Tuesday. With Ryan out, Steve needed help so I’m sticking around to work with him. The thing is, I don’t really consider farm work work. I genuinely enjoy it. I love giving tours and interacting with customers, but I find that far more stressful that hanging out with the pigs and goats. Plus it is supposed to be a gorgeous week so being outside will be wonderful. I’m keeping my fingers crossed that the animals get their acts together (I’m talking to you, calves and steers) and behave for Steve and me.

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