The Little 4-Wheeler That Could

With 350+ acres to cover every day, it is nice to have something other than your legs to carry you around. We have  four farm vehicles: 2 4-wheelers and 2 ATVs. One of the 4-wheelers resides at Lundale with the steers and one of the ATVs (the Kawasaki) is dead. It’s death was slow and painful. It’s downward spiral began long before I arrived. That left us with a 4-wheeler and the Polaris which was just fine.

On Friday, the Polaris died. We didn’t give it much thought at the time. We were too preoccupied with calves to worry about it. The Polaris is electric. Steve and Ethan were driving it and it just shut off. They had to push it back to the shop. They plugged it in and it started charging, but when they tried to take it back out, it did the exact same thing. Not good. They took it in for a check up on Saturday and we are hoping for news tomorrow.

This left us with just the 4-wheeler. A 4-wheeler is perfectly adequate at Lundale where we are just hauling fencing supplies around, but here at the farm not having a vehicle with a bed has been challenging. Every morning we have to take eight buckets of feed up to the broiler chickens. There is no way to carry eight buckets of feed on a 4-wheeler. I don’t care how good you are. Even my dad couldn’t finagle that one and he is a pretty impressive packer.

So we’ve been cruising around all day trailing this lovely piece of equipment:

It’s our only option for hauling things. We are keeping our fingers crossed and saying our prayers that it doesn’t fall apart on us. Steve added a few more screws this morning to extend its life by a few days. It shakes and rattles so badly as we drive through the pastures. We’ll be lucky if it lasts the week. And hopefully we don’t burn out the 4-wheeler with all the extra wear and tear.

Ryan isn’t allowed to take any more vacations until my apprenticeship is over. It seems the world falls apart when he is away.

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