Counting Down

Only two more days until Ryan returns! Thank goodness. Steve and I have held down the fort, but we will both be glad to have Ryan back at the helm.

The day began as it always does, with chores. We fed the pigs and cleaned their waterers and headed up to move the broiler houses. While I was finishing up feeding the first house Steve headed to the 2nd house to get it ready. As I drove to join him I noticed several chickens outside. The closer I got, the more I saw. There were chickens everywhere!

I pulled up next to the house and immediately saw the problem. Baab (I was corrected in the spelling of Bob’s name) was inside the broiler house.



She’d accomplished this by plowing through the side and leaving a large hole in her wake. The chickens took full advantage of this. Of course, as soon as they got out they panicked and ran in circles around the house trying to get back inside. No, they never did figure it out. That’s chickens for you.


First we had to get Baab out. Baab is pretty large now and her gimp leg is fully healed. You can see in the first picture the obstacle course we were dealing with between the support bars, the feeders, and the waterers. Needless to say, it was quite a scene. Eventually we grabbed her and with Steve pushing and me pulling we got her out.

Next we had to fix the hole. Steve headed down to the shop for some string while I guarded the hole. One we’d patched it up we had to catch the escapees. You might think this would be easy since they wanted to be back inside, but you would be wrong. We wasted 10 minutes running after them.

It certainly wasn’t how we envisioned the morning going when we were planning our day. Thankfully all the cows cooperated so I guess that balances things, right?

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