Some Nights.

I was going to start this post by telling you my one success tonight was not cutting myself on my mandolin. Then I did while loading the dishwasher.  Now my left index finger is tightly wrapped in a paper towel and rubber band which makes typing rather difficult. This is going to be short post.


Some nights your dinner comes together perfectly. Everything is ready at the same time and perfectly done. And some nights it all goes wrong. Tonight was one of the later. The onions were done too early and ended up burnt. The sweet potato chips went in too late and still ended up burnt. The smoke alarm wouldn’t stop. And then I sliced my finger.


Dinner would have been lovely. It was, really, though slightly charred. Everything was local. The meat, the mushrooms & onions, the sweet potatoes. Even my beer! Though maybe that was the problem…but who can resist pumpkin ale?



Ok. That’s about all the typing I can handle. More on all this tomorrow!

5 thoughts on “Some Nights.

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