Doctor Doolittle

Sunday morning I got a call from Ethan about a sick piglet. He was working the weekend and Ryan was away so he called me. I put on my boots and we headed out to check on the little guy. It quickly became apparent that things weren’t good. He wasn’t moving at all, was barely breathing and was cool to the touch. I had no idea what to do so I texted Ryan. I figured I’d just let him know and he would deal with it on Monday. No, he texted back instructions for treating him. What?!? Yes, I have given animals shots, but always under Ryan’s supervision. Giving a shot isn’t as easy as it sounds. It’s more than a simple needle stick. If you inject at the wrong spot, say you hit a vein, you can actually kill the animal you are trying to save.

I really didn’t want to do it and considered telling Ryan I’d rather just wait until he came back, but the little guy seemed to be on his last legs and I honestly wasn’t sure he’d make it through the night. So I prepped the needles and dragged Ethan back out to hold the piglet down while I gave him his meds. The piglet was so sick I probably could have treated him without Ethan’s help. He didn’t even squeal when I gave him the first shot. After the second he got up and tried to get away, but he didn’t get far before he laid back down.

Before heading out for the weekend I checked on him and he seemed to have perked up a bit which was encouraging. I wasn’t around Monday or Tuesday so this morning I went out to see him and he was up and about with the rest of the piglets! He was eating and his tail was wagging. I can now sleep knowing he’s OK and I didn’t do something horribly wrong.

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