Short Ribs

I woke up this morning to a body in full revolt. It was clearly determined to punish me for what I put it through yesterday. My calves, my left IT band, my right foot, my hip flexors. Nothing wanted to work. Thankfully I didn’t have anything on the agenda for the day and was able to just bum around the house. People keep telling me how proud or impressed they are that I managed half of the race. However, I knew about the race for months and made a conscious decision to not train for it. I then made the decision to try to run it, knowing I hadn’t trained and was in no way prepared. I’m not sure that deserves praise. I brought this all on myself and am reaping the rewards of my folly. Oh well! On to more important things. Like meat.

The spread

The spread

The one thing I did do today was cook dinner for my family. I love cooking, especially when there are people around to eat it! Monday nights are quickly becoming my night to cook. It started with the barbacoa a few weeks ago. Tonight I made short ribs. Short ribs are…ribs! They are the beef version of pork spare ribs. They can be braised slowly or grilled which makes them pretty versatile.



Lisa over at 100 Days of Real Food just posted a new recipe for Slow Cooker Asian Short Ribs and since I had short ribs and Chinese 5-spice on hand I decided to try them. The recipe was incredibly easy. I just threw everything in the crock pot and left them there all day. Around 5:15 I set about preparing the sauce and sides and everything was on the table by 6:00. I paired the ribs with rice noodles and baby bok choy with cashews. Everyone loved it. It is up there with the barbacoa as far as favorite meals I’ve made and one I will be making again in the future. It actually might beat the barbacoa (but only because it was easier to prepare!).

Dad had 3 servings! Must've been good.

Dad had 3 servings! Must’ve been good.

Yes, I ate mine with chop sticks. I have mad skills.

Yes, I ate mine with chop sticks. I have mad skills.



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