Fraud Alert

It seems American Express doesn’t think I should be a farmer. This morning I placed an order with Cabela’s – my first order with them – and within 30 seconds of placing the order I received a text, email and call from American Express alerting me that a fraudulent charge had been made using my card. Apparently girls who shop at J. Crew and Anthropologie don’t shop at Cabela’s.

I answered the call and explained to the rep that yes, I had in fact placed an order for muck boots and quilted Carhartt bib overalls. He still seemed perplexed, but removed the hold on my card and put the order through. I guess it’s nice to know they are paying attention! Actually, it’s a little disconcerting. But that is beside the point. My boots and overalls are on their way!

I really shouldn’t be this excited about overalls and muck boots. But I am. I intend to wear them everywhere this winter. I don’t like being cold and I’m pretty sure I won’t be with these on. Don’t they look comfy and warm?

photo 3

And the boots:

photo 4

So stylish. What happened to the girl who used to spend her lunch breaks wandering around Ferragamo and Saks 5th Avenue? I guess that’s why AmEx was so confused.

I was in charge of the farm side today and thankfully everyone cooperated. My one big task was to get numbers on all the adult cows in the cow group (as opposed to the heifer group). We want to pull some cull cows from the groups and need to know who is where. Each cow has an ear tag with a number. This is how we identify and keep track of them. I went out yesterday afternoon to do this, but the cows weren’t cooperating and kept moving around the pasture making it extremely difficult to get an accurate count of how many were in the group, much less get all their numbers.

photo 1

This morning I set about trying again and was successful. I just hung out by the water tank for a bit and the cows gradually came over to see what I was doing. Once they were all around I was able to walk through and get their numbers. One of the cows – 107 – even came up and wanted her head scratched! This is very unusual. Our cows aren’t wild, but they also aren’t domestic. They don’t run from us, but they also don’t let us get too close. I went back out the check them again this afternoon before heading home and once again 107 came up and started nudging me with her nose until I petted her. She is my new favorite cow.

photo 2

6 thoughts on “Fraud Alert

  1. What – no nickname for 107? haha
    The muck boots reminded me of your post about cold hands at the market. Do you wear rubber gloves when handling the meat and ice?

    • Not yet, but maybe soon! She does deserve a name. I’ll have to spend a little more time with her to come up with one. We don’t wear gloves at the market. All the meat is vacuum sealed so we just stuff the pouches into the ice and burry them with our hands. I tried wearing normal gloves last week, but they just got all wet and I couldn’t handle money with them on so I had to keep taking them on and off. It got annoying so I gave up on warm hands.

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