A Taste of Winter

It wasn’t the temperature that gave us a taste of winter today. It wasn’t particularly cold today. The temperature held steadily around 54*F which isn’t bad for November. It was damp and rainy so it felt colder than it was, but the temperature wasn’t the problem. Boredom was.

Thursdays are normally chicken slaughter days, but we are down to the last house and they are growing slower than usual because of the chillier weather. Because they are still on the small side, we decided to wait an extra week and cull the whole house next Thursday rather than half this week and half next.

No chicken slaughter meant no killing chickens. No moving chickens from the slaughter trailer to the ice bath in the refrigerated trailer. No filling up and preparing said ice bath. No load of chicken feathers and guts to be  buried in the compost pile. Nothing.

It didn’t help that it was raining. The weather killed our plans to go weed wack along the fences down at Lundale. Instead we decided to tackle the shop attic. It was a disaster. Chaos reigned. There were hoses and fences and feeders and insulation and tomato cages and trash cans and dog crates…you get the picture. Stuff everywhere! Ryan and I figured it would take most of the day to get it cleaned and sorted. Nope. Between the two of us it took less than an hour.

Steve and I took our time getting eggs and then took and extra long lunch. After lunch we went down to Lundale to check the steers and fill up their mineral. We put straw in the pig huts and I cleaned the truck. Still the day dragged. Finally Ryan called it a day. Steve fed the chickens and that was that.

On the one hand, it is really nice being in tune with the seasons. I didn’t mind the long summer days and am thankful things are slowing down. Just look at the animals. Nature has a built-in cycle of activity and rest. Just as we sleep each night to recharge, we also get a whole season where life slows down a bit! Still, it could be a long, slow winter. I don’t do well with sitting around. Maybe that something I need to work on. I wanted to experience all four seasons and this is part of that experience!

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