A Message to Public Officials on Food Safety

I try to steer clear of controversial topics here on the blog. My position on GMOs and conventional agriculture are apparent, but I don’t like to harp on them. That isn’t why I started this blog. Even so, some issues deserve attention and the Food Safety Modernization Act is one of those. I don’t feel comfortable enough in my own knowledge to do a full post so please check out this post from Brian and PASA over at Write to Farm.


Write to Farm

{Blogger’s note: I know I said there would be no more posts before the end of the FSMA comment period on November 15, but I came across this statement approved by PASA’s board of directors at the very beginning of this process nearly five years ago, and thought it was worth sharing again at this time. Our views have matured considerably since that time, but the basic points are the same. Please keep in mind that help is available for commenting on the proposed rules at the PASA website, including templates to follow and links directly to FDA}

Pennsylvania Association for Sustainable Agriculture (PASA) — May 22, 2009

It seems everyone in elected office these days wants to do something about food safety.  Who can blame them, given that the headlines on any particular day might carry news of the latest food poisoning scare?  It is a supreme paradox…

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One thought on “A Message to Public Officials on Food Safety

  1. I loved the common sense, non-sensational tone of Snyder’s post. It was brief and balanced, acknowledging the dangers of too little AND too much government intervention, and laid out good suggestions for solving the problems it addresses in a way that even I (relatively uninformed when it comes to food production and safety) could understand. And “Out Standing in the Field” is clever and funny. 😀 Very nice!

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