We’ll Weather the Weather

There are certain things someone who works inside should never say to someone who works outside.

  1. “It’s so _______ (hot, cold, windy, rainy, etc.)!” Yes, we know. You see it through the window. We live it and don’t need you to point it out for us.
  2. “It’s really not that bad (referring to hot, cold, rain, etc.).” I’m sure the torrential downpour didn’t seem that bad as you sprinted 100 feet from the parking lot to your building. You are inside. You are not in a position to judge the severity of the conditions outside from your office window.
  3. “I guess you just get used to it.” If you stood outside in freezing rain for 5 hours, do you think you would acclimate to the point where it didn’t bother you? I doubt it.
  4. “At least you aren’t _______ (insert some worst case scenario).” While that may be true, the thought doesn’t warm me up (or cool me down, as it were).

In fact, if you work indoors, it is best to avoid all discussions of weather with those who work in outdoor environments. Unless of course it is a beautiful, warm, sunny day and you wish you were me. Then we can talk about the weather!

3 thoughts on “We’ll Weather the Weather

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