The End of the Road

We are finally done with broiler chickens! Yesterday was our last slaughter day and today we bagged up 100 birds to fill the case and freezers. No more (meat) chickens until next spring. Hallelujah!

Winter is the season for planning and projects. As things slow down there is suddenly time to repair the tractor, mend fences, paint the barn. That is what we’ve been working on  the past two days: priming and painting the barn.

The barn is quite tall. Even with a long roller you can’t reach the top. Most people would have used a ladder, but why do that when you have a skid steer? Wouldn’t it be more fun to use a pallet as a platform and lift someone up on that to paint the top? *sigh* Boys and their toys.

I, of course, was nominated to go up on the pallet some 15 feet in the air. Ryan is the only one with enough finesse to drive the skid steer smoothly enough to not throw someone off. Steve does not like heights. While I’m not particularly fond of them either it’s hard to play that card when everyone knows you’ve been skydiving. That and I’d never admit fear. I know this isn’t necessarily a good trait. Scared or not, it needed to be done so up I went.


The barn looks beautiful now. Finally! And now that it is painted it is weatherproofed and ready for winter. If only the rest of us could be ready to face the cold so easily.


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