Nature Always Wins

It is incredibly arrogant of humanity to think that we are the masters of nature. Anyone who holds such a view hasn’t spent much time communing with her. Plants and animals existed before humanity and continue long after mighty civilizations crumble.

This truth struck me as I explored the ancient Angkor ruins in Siem Reap, Cambodia. Today Cambodia is a third world country, but once it was a powerful empire whose influence stretched across Southeast Asia as far as Indonesia and the Philippines. Angkor was the center of the regional universe and the epitome of elegance and civilization.

This is Angkor now:

Think of the Colosseum. The Great Wall. Machu Picchu. Where are these civilizations now? Dust to dust. They are no more and their accomplishments have been subjected to nature’s might.

It seems to me that we ought to treat nature with a bit more respect. Our “modern” agriculture practices strip the land of vital nutrients and crucial microbes. We take and take, giving little in return. Nature offers us her bounty and we strip her bare with little thought to future impact of our actions. If we continue to abuse her, we will lose. In the end, she will stand victorious. She always does.

2 thoughts on “Nature Always Wins

  1. Too, too true. My (Dave’s) aunt visited Angkor Wat in the mid-1950s, and it made a serious impression on her, which she passed on to our family. I suppose that was part of the beginning of my sense of “conservationism,” as it was termed. It certainly imbues the very core of the work we are creating now, in our old age!

    • It’s amazing how traveling opens our eyes in so many different and unexpected ways. That’s wonderful that your aunt shared those experiences and values with you all. The furniture featured on your blog is beautiful! It’s so encouraging to see people making efforts to reduce and reuse!

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