Staying Warm

Funny story. A good friend back in NYC unexpectedly ran into a mutual acquaintance. Janice (friend) and I met through a Bible study which Michael (acquaintance) led. Long story short, Janice told Michael I was farming. His response? “That blond J. Crew girl?” Yep.

Today I would like to say “Thanks” to Carhartt, L.L. Bean and Muck. (No one paid me to say this.) The temperature never rose above 30°F today, but I stayed nice and warm. Granted, I looked (and felt) like a little kid in a snow suit. You know when they are so bundled up they really can’t move and just kind of topple over into a snowbank? That was me. But I was warm! And that’s what counts. Having the right gear makes a big difference.


While it was colder today than yesterday, it was actually a much better day to be outside. Yesterday’s snow left everything damp. When I came in for lunch I threw my bibs and jacket in the dryer to help keep the chill out. The sun came out today and the farm just sparkled. Complain all you want about snow, there is nothing more beautiful than fresh glittering snow.


20131211_0011That being said, a little warmer would be nice. I left my mug sitting in the shop all day and the little bit of coffee I hadn’t finished froze by 4:00. I guess that’s one way to make ice coffee? Also, the eggs have been freezing. There’s a reason you aren’t supposed to put whole eggs in the freezer. This is the reason:

20131211_0021The fluid expands and cracks the shell. At least a dozen eggs went back to the chickens and Chicken-Dog because they’d frozen and cracked. The plan is to start collecting them twice a day so they never have to sit outside for long. Hopefully that helps!

Oh, little 67 is still hanging on. She actually perked up a bit today. Ryan still had to tube her to get fluids in her, but she’s been laying down and getting up on her own and is starting to fight us when we treat her. If she keeps improving she’ll be back with the herd in no time.




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