On Walking

I have never been particularly athletic or coordinated. It was a rare day in NYC that I made it safely from my apartment to work and back without tripping. Normally over my own feet. That whole walking thing has always been a challenge. Farming has added a whole new level to those challenges.

Walking through pastures is challenging.

Pastures are uneven and full of groundhog holes. The uneven sidewalks of Brooklyn have nothing on the Wyebrook pastures. One day I actually fell into one of those groundhog holes. All the way up to my hip. Ryan and Arden were there to witness it. Thankfully I didn’t break my leg.

Walking in Muck boots is challenging.

Muck boots are wonderful. They keep my feet warm and dry and the rubber rinses clean without any scrubbing. But they are heavy and bulky. In fairness, I think most sneakers are too bulky. That’s why I wear Vibrams. And even some of those are too much shoe for me. In a perfect world, I would live somewhere where I could go barefoot year round. That isn’t an option on the farm and the Muck boots are the most effective shoes for the job. Still, there have been many moments where I haven’t quite lifted my weighed-down foot high enough and have nearly tripped over a rock or hose or my other foot. They also don’t have any traction. When they concrete floor in the barn is wet, watch out!

Walking in Carhartt bibs is challenging.

I love my bibs even more than I love my Muck boots. They are delightfully warm. It didn’t get above freezing last week and I never once felt cold, all thanks to my wonderful bib overalls. Still, they are stiff canvas lined with quilted flannel cotton. I feel very much like a little kid in a snow suit. Anne keeps threatening to push me over which wouldn’t be hard to do given that I can barely bend my knees.

Walking in snow is challenging.

Anyone who has experience more than a dusting of snow knows this to be true. We’ve got about 6 inches on the ground at the moment and it makes getting around the pastures fun. On top of that (or underneath, as it were), it warmed up just enough last weekend that everything started to melt and then refroze. Last night’s snow fell on top of a sheet of ice. Snow plus ice plus plenty of hills. Sound like fun?

Now add all those things together: pastures + Muck boots + bibs + snow/ice. That was my day. There is good news. Nothing is bruised or broken. Keep your fingers crossed for the same good fortune tomorrow!


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