Sixty Seven

Today was the first day in 2 weeks that was warm enough for me to leave the bibs in the house. To be honest, I felt a little under dressed without them. Things are warming up. That means spring is coming! Right? What’s that you say? It isn’t even winter yet? Oh right. Tomorrow is the first official day of winter. I think those bibs might just be the best investment I’ve ever made. And who wouldn’t want to wear overalls every day? I think I need a lightweight pair for summer.

The warmer weather is good because it means the snow and ice are melting! I no longer walk in dread of bad bruises and broken bones. The warmer weather is bad because it means the snow and ice are melting. All of the pastures are about to be come muddy messes. I’m sure I will get some vehicle stuck and Ryan or Steve will have to come haul me out with the tractor.

Little 67 is still hanging on, but things aren’t looking good. She isn’t drinking at all. Ryan and I tubed her this afternoon to get some fluids and electrolytes and a vitamin in her and I will do the same thing tomorrow when Lauren and I return from the farmers’ market. She also has blood in her stools. It’s really amazing how much you can tell about an animal’s health from its manure. Her’s isn’t good. She is a very sick heifer.

Still, she hasn’t given up. I am a sucker for sick animals and take any chance I get to go hang out with her and encourage her. I know she doesn’t understand me, but cows are herd animals and being alone can’t be good for her so I like to keep her company. She still responds when you talk to her. She is alert and her eyes are clear and focused. This gives me hope. Maybe when I come back after Christmas she will be fully recovered and back with the other calves! Santa, this is my Christmas wish.

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