Back in the Saddle

It seems every time I go on vacation I come back to some major event surrounding the cattle.

The vet came two days after I returned from Croatia so we spent most of my first day back moving the various cattle groups to make things easier for the vet. Then the day he was here was spent rounding up groups of cows and calves and herding them through the chute system to be vaccinated and ear notched.

I’ve been away for about a week visiting family and such. Today’s original plan was to catch the steers down at Lundale and bring them back to the home farm for the winter. They are out of grass and taking hay down to Lundale is a major chore. It will be easier to have them back here for the next few months. Ryan decided that could wait until Thursday. Instead we ran the calves through the chute for their booster vaccines.

We didn’t need the vet for this. He’d been here the first time to do the ear notching, blood work and pregnancy checks. He left instructions for Ryan for the booster shots so we could administer them ourselves.

Things went surprisingly smoothly. For the most part the calves cooperated and everyone got their booster. Steve worked the calves, I filled syringes and played assistant to Ryan who administered all the shots.

I was very pleased to find 67 not only alive but doing well! She is still skin and bones, but she is eating and drinking on her own and is back out with the herd.

Have a safe and happy new year!

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