Although I have yet to regret trading my high heels for muck boots, today brought me close to questioning my sanity in this whole endeavor. It was COLD! Ten degrees below freezing cold. I don’t think it ever got above 15*F. I wasn’t freezing thanks to my warm weather wear, but I definitely felt it. The wind whipped right through my jacket and my fingers and toes were pretty much numb all day despite two pairs of socks (both wool) and two pairs of gloves (one wool one fleece).

It wouldn’t have been so bad but for the wind. Steve and I drove the Polaris down to feed the pigs and by the time we’d finished our tracks were completely covered. You could hardly tell we’d passed that way just minutes earlier. This made clearing the parking lot and driveway especially challenging. Ryan would plow out towards the road and by the time he turned around to come back everything was covered again. We were fighting a losing battle.

I am sorry for not posting many pictures these days. It’s just too cold. I can’t work my phone with my gloves on and I just can’t bring myself to take them off for a photo op. Here are a few I took today. I hope you appreciate the cost at which they came. I couldn’t feel my fingers for hours.

8 thoughts on “Brrrr…

  1. I had just noticed the lack of pictures, but figured it was because of the cold. I’d missed them and DO appreciate your sacrifice. 😀

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