My Nose is Froze

You know that scene in 101 Dalmatians where they are wandering through the snow and Lucky fall behind? Pongo tells him to hurry up, but Lucky says he can’t because “my tail is froze and my nose is froze and my ears are froze and my toes are froze.”? I tried to find the clip on YouTube, but to no avail. It pretty perfectly captures how I felt today.

Last night I went out to watch the game (thank you to Florida State for claiming the championship for the ACC!). When I headed out around 7:30 it was 29*F. When I left around 10:00, it was 13*F. That’s a big drop in just 2.5 hours. Today was even colder. We never hit double digits. To be fair, once you get below about 15*F, it really doesn’t matter. I can tell a difference between 32*F and 15*F or so, but below that cold is cold. There isn’t much differentiating.

You know it’s cold when the animals aren’t overly interested in eating. Normally the breeding pigs come running to the gates when they hear us rattling the feed buckets. Not today. They eventually came out of their hut for breakfast, but we didn’t have to play running backs to get to the feed troughs like we do most mornings.

The non-breeding pigs weren’t too pleased with the cold either and that is saying something. They are always out exploring. I think they were the only animals on the farm who truly enjoyed the snow. It was an extra layer of stuff to root through and they had a blast. Today they stayed in their huts. We took more straw down for extra warmth and they wouldn’t even come out so we could spread it.

The goats and the pigs share a pastures and they share the huts, too. Most of the pigs are very friendly with us, but the goats are skittish and run away whenever they hear us coming. It was too cold for that today. They wanted to stay near the huts so they could jump back inside as soon as we left.

It’s hard to tell if the cows were cold. They were huddled up, but they do that when it’s 102*F. Of all the animals on the farm, they have the thickest winter coats. Some of they calves are just so fuzzy. I really want to cuddle with them, but my desire to avoid getting kicked generally defeats that urge. While I don’t know if they like the cold, I know they don’t like the frozen ground. Watching them walk makes me laugh. You’d think they were walking on broken glass. It’s the little things that get you through days like today.

4 thoughts on “My Nose is Froze

  1. If your nose is frozen why aren’t you wearing your newfake fur hat? It should keep you warm.Love MomMom

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