When Life Hands You Chickens

It was a balmy 22*F today. The pigs were thrilled! They were running about, thrilled to be out of the stuffy (but toasty) huts. Twenty-two is still cold, but it passes the 15*F mark so it was noticeably warmer. I even found myself wanting to lose a layer or two as I worked up a sweat walking through the pastures!

Shortly after I arrived at Wyebrook, I met Bryan, a consultant butcher who was helping Lexi. I liked him immidately, mostly because he lived in Park Slope, just around the corner from where I lived. And because he’s an awesome human being.

Bryan is in the process of opening his own butcher shop/restaurant in Fishtown (Philly for all you non-locals), Kensington Quarters. It’s not quite ready yet thanks so some construction delays, but the guys already had a standing order for 200 chickens a week starting in January 2014. What do you do with 200 chickens and no butcher shop/restaurant?

Host a pop-up fried chicken dinner, of course! Duh.

Tomorrow night is the inaugural fried chicken pop-up. All of us from Wyebrook are heading in to the city to support Bryan (and to enjoy what will surely be delicious fried chicken).

Not only will this be a tasty meal, it is an ethical one, too. Bryan does things right. These free-ranging, pastured birds will be fried in 100% grass-fed tallow (beef fat).  Your taste buds and your conscience will be pleased.

If you live in the area, actually if you live within a two hour drive, come enjoy some fried chicken! I have no doubt it will be worth the trip. Tomorrow night. 6:00 – 11:00 p.m. at Cafe Lift.

2 thoughts on “When Life Hands You Chickens

  1. Gosh I wish I could. How wonderful to have a like minded community.It takes a lot of time to raise good chicken, I am sure you will have a fantastic meal. And lucky pugs having heated pens, mine have heat lamps when it very cold,..but tonight we are only going down to 10 and it warms up again tomorrow so it is lights off. The fire risk is terrifying.. c

    • It certainly is wonderful! Our pigs actually don’t have heated pens. They are outside year round! They have roomy metal huts which will fill with straw. They all pile in and the metal reflects the heat. I went in one the other morning to check on everyone and it really was quite balmy. Best of luck staying safe and warm!

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