It’s All Relative

Turns out cold is all relative. Temperatures are fixed and measurable, but how we experience them all depends. We’ve all been there. Sixty degrees in spring means flip-flops and tank tops whereas sixty degrees in fall means down parkas.

Compared to the past two days was a beautiful spring day. The animals frolicked, yes, frolicked, through the pastures, soaking up as much of the sun and warmth as they could get. Happy animals make me happy. That and the fact that I didn’t need a scarf and only one pair of gloves.

All of this made up for the day’s very rocky start. As I headed out of the cottage I noticed the front door had blown open sometime in the night and there was water EVERYWHERE. I knew it hadn’t rained so I began searching for the source. I didn’t have to go far. The open door allowed the cold night air into the laundry room where a pipe froze and burst. Yay! Normally I prefer living alone, but I would have been lost without Ryan and Lexi. Ryan knew where the pump was located and got the water shut off while Lexi ran the shop vac. They are the best!

Now it is time to head to the city for fried chicken! This has kept me going all day.

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