Heavenly Chicken

Today was one of those days. Another pipe burst last night so we were once again without water.  I checked the forecast before heading to bed last night and knew the weather wasn’t supposed to be great, but when I read “snow flurries” I don’t picture over an inch of accumulation which is what we got. The snow did a wonderful job of covering all the ice. My fall-free streak ended this morning (of course Ryan and Steve were both witnesses) with a nice bruise to my tailbone and ego. The I got shocked. Twice. By a gate which shouldn’t even be hot. The grounding rods were installed properly. Normally it’s not a problem, but if you grab it just right on a rainy day, you get zapped. It isn’t easy to do and in my ten months here, I’d only ever done it once. Today, I managed this perfect grip twice in one day.

In other news it actually got above freezing for the first time in days! That was pretty exciting.

photo 2

But enough of that. On to more important things. Like fried chicken!

The original plan was to take the train into the city, but Ryan, Laurel (Ryan’s wife) and I decided we’d rather drive. We didn’t have to leave as early and would be able to head home whenever we wanted. Philly is a great city, but it’s no NYC. Once rush hour ends, trains slow to every 40-50 minutes. No one wanted to sit around waiting. We agreed to meet the rest of the group around 7:45/8:00.

We pulled into the parking lot just before 8:00 and as I turned off the engine I got a text from Lauren. They were out of chicken. I called her, assuming it was a joke, but no. They were sold out for the night. We were hungry and decided to head to Prohibition Taproom instead. Cafe Lift was on the way so we were going to stop in and say “hi” to everyone first. As we walked up Bryan walked out to hang a “sold out” sign. When he saw us he told us to go on in because he was going to get more chicken. Because Bryan is awesome like that.

The chicken was well worth the wait. Juicy and crispy and delicious. The tallow gave it a unique, beefiness, but didn’t overpower the chicken. The sides (coleslaw and macaroni salad) made perfect pairings and rounded out the meal nicely. The options were half or whole chickens so I’d (obviously) ordered a half which was still way too much. I took the leftovers home and the breading was still crispy after a night in the fridge.

photo 1

They’ll be running the dinner the next two weeks so get there (and get there early)!

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