Winter Feeding

An excellent post on winter feeding methods. We do a bit of both here at Wyebrook. The cows and steers are all fed out on pasture; the calves have access to outdoor feeders and the feed barn. The barn also provides some shelter for the growing calves.

Throwback at Trapper Creek

As usual when I post about something that can be done many ways, remember this is what we do.  It changes from year to year and is an accumulation of what we’ve known for many years, what we’ve learned and what we are locked into due to management decisions made in the last year, good and bad.  Mileage may vary.

Every winter of my life until the last 10 or so we have fed our cattle outside on pasture.

Then we built this feeding shed onto the hay barn, fairly cheaply with fir poles cut from our property, a couple of scavenged power poles along with purchased metal roofing, feeder panels and dimensional lumber for sheathing.  Friends helped (thanks Craig and Brad!) on the pole cutting day, and all in all the shed has been a pretty good way to capture nutrients in the winter months.  This winter feeding…

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