Slow & Cold

We had a slow week on the farm. There are things to do to get ready for spring, but most can’t be done with 10 inches of snow covering the pastures. So we feed the animals and talk about what we will do when everything finally melts.

That’s the nice thing about winter. It forces you to slow down. Nature has a built-in season for planning. This is the time when gardeners are going through seed catalogues and deciding what to grow. It’s time to look review grazing schemes to see what worked and what didn’t. Time to repair fences and equipment. It’s a time to get everything done that didn’t get done during the hustle of the summer.

Some days the slowness is nice and some days it is tedious. This week the slowness has been a gift. The equipment doesn’t like the cold and has largely refused to cooperate all week. The 4-wheelers won’t start. The skid steer isn’t a fan of snow and ice. It slides all over the pastures and the skids freeze up. Feeding the animals takes a lot longer with all these added complications. So it is nice that we aren’t rushed to get things done quickly.

Even so I am ready for spring. Bring on the sunshine and warm weather!

2 thoughts on “Slow & Cold

  1. If I only had a tractor to refurbish, I’d be super busy this winter! 🙂 But for dairy farmers, the whole darn year is busy. At my dairy farm I work at, calves are almost all year so you have to deal with that too.

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