My First Tow Experience

I am pleased to report that this morning’s hay feeder towing adventure was a success. No mailboxes, cars or people were harmed in the process. The feeders are safely sorted in Bruce’s field and the cows will join them next week if all goes as planned. Do things ever go as planned?

We were on the road by 7:00 am and it took us just over an hour. The farm is about halfway between Wyebrook and my parent’s house. That trip normally takes me 50 minutes. We took the tortoise’s advice: slow and steady wins the race. Most of the roads we traveled were back roads which was nice because there was less traffic and the speed limits were 35 or 40 mph. We weren’t traveling 20 mph slower than the rest of the crowd.

On the other hand, they were mostly back roads. Narrow, winding, bumpy back roads. The truck would hit a bump; then a few seconds later the feeder would hit it and rattle the truck again. There were a few times I was certain I lost a tire. This fear wasn’t irrational. When Ryan and I got the wagons ready yesterday, one of the tires was completely off the rim. We jimmied it back on, filled it up and crossed our fingers. That was the wagon I was towing.


The roads were covered with a lovely dusting of snow. Not enough to justify plowing, but enough to make things slick. Even in 4-wheel drive, the truck doesn’t like inclement weather.

To make matters worse, I actually forgot my license. I don’t carry it around the farm with me because I don’t need it. I made so many mental notes yesterday to remind myself to grab it, but when I woke up this morning I was so nervous about the task at hand that I completely forgot about it. Halfway there I realized I didn’t have it and that just added to my panic.

I told Ryan I was so nervous that I'd probably follow him right off the road into a ditch if that's where he led.

I told Ryan I was so nervous that I’d probably follow him right off the road into a ditch if that’s where he led.

By the time we reached Bruce’s farm, I was actually sweating. Not from nerves exactly. The heat/defroster was on high when we set out and I was too afraid to take my hand off the steering wheel and eyes off the road, even for a second, to turn it down.

One more fear conquered!

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