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I am in NYC for the weekend and my computer is in Honey Brook. So today’s post is another Wendell Berry poem. This is an excerpt from “The Farm,” a poem he wrote in 1991.

You have good grass and hay,
So keep a cow or two.
Milk made from your own grass
Is cheap and sweet. A cow
To milk’s a good excuse
To bring you home from places
You do not want to be.
Fatten the annual calf
For slaughter. Keep a pig
To rescue scraps, skimmed milk,
And other surpluses.
Keep hens who will make eggs
And meat of offal, insects,
And a little of your corn.
Eat these good beasts that eat
What you can’t eat. Be thankful
To them and to the plants,
To your small, fertile homeland
To topsoil, light, and rain
That daily gives you life.

Be thankful and repay
Growth with good work and care.

This poem just makes me think of all the food we waste on a daily basis. The right animals (chickens and pigs) can convert that “waste” into more food. Think of how much less would end up rotting in landfills if we all owned a few chickens!

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