After a holiday hiatus, Lauren and I resumed our monthly dinners. On Thursday night we headed to Amani’s BYOB in Downingtown for our last dinner our as the “Wyebrook ladies.” This is Lauren’s last week and next week is mine. Hard to believe it’s almost here!

Amani is a farm-to-table restaurant and was voted best BYOB in Chester County. As usual, Lauren and I split everything. It makes the deciding process easier. For starters we got an arugula salad with smoked goat cheese and a roasted pepper and crab soup. For dinner we split a salmon dish and roasted chicken with lobster hollandaise. The chicken was easily the best dish. Really delicious.

We asked where they got their meat and were disappointed that our server had no idea (and made no attempt to find out). He wasn’t even confident about the farms where they purchased their produce. Maybe it’s just me, but I feel like a farm-to-table place should be proud of their local partnerships and should want to boast about the farms they work with. I would have loved to know where they were getting their free range chickens this time of year. And the red peppers for the soup.

In reality, the only items that were locally produced were probably the potatoes for the mashed potatoes and the goat cheese on the salad. Possibly the arugula, but I’m not willing to get on that. This was partly our fault because of the dishes we chose. But even had we ordered steak and/or pork, I wouldn’t be willing to bet they were local since the waiter couldn’t tell us where they came from (and they don’t come from Wyebrook).

The food was excellent. The portion sizes were just right and the flavors were incredible. I’d gladly go back! But, as usual, the farm-to-table philosophy only extends so far when it comes to running a commercial kitchen.

2 thoughts on “Amani

  1. I agree with you. If they’re holding themselves out as farm to table, then they should prominently identify the farms on the menu and the servers should know the source. But I’m jealous that you even have the option. There’s isn’t enough interest in local food here to even have such a restaurant. We’re hoping that changes.

    • I am thankful we have so many great restaurants around that are making an effort! I applaud them for it. I just think it’s important to remind people that the best way to make sure you’re food is truly local is to cook it yourself!

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