What I’ll Miss

Tomorrow is my last day. I’ve already promised Ryan I’ll come back one day next week to help sort cows. It’s been too snowy to sort and move the 50 that are going to Bruce’s farm. Hopefully we’ll have some clear (read “snow-free”) days next week. I also plan to continue helping with the farmers’ market, at least until I get my long-term plans situated.

Obviously I won’t really know what I’ll miss most until I’m actually gone, but here is a list of things I think I will miss:

  1. The social acceptability of overalls. While I know I am free to continue wearing them, I’m certain to get some funny looks at the grocery store if I show up in my Carhartts.
  2. Stars. I generally miss civilization, especially having 3 grocery stores within 5 blocks of my apartment, but I love that I can see the stars so clearly. I never saw them when I lived in the city. It never got dark enough.
  3. The people. It is rare to work somewhere where you genuinely like all of your coworkers. Wyebrook is one of those places. This is made a tiny bit easier since Lauren’s last day was last week and she has generally been my partner in crime (chicken slaughter, garden night, farmers’ market, etc.), but I will miss the camaraderie we’ve all shared this past year.
  4. The animals in general. The pigs in particular.

I feel like I should have 5 things. Five is a nice interval number. But right now I can’t think of another. I have too much packing to think about. So four it is.

9 thoughts on “What I’ll Miss

  1. You’re leaving? I started following you in the middle, so I assumed this was a lifestyle change that was permanent. Was this planned from the beginning? Do you intend to come back? Sorry for all the questions, but I am surprised!

    • Don’t apologize! I’ve been doing a year-long apprenticeship at Wyebrook. I was looking for a way to transition into the sustainable food industry and decided the best way to do that was to get some hands-on experience. The plan has always been to move on at the end of the year, but to what I still don’t know. I’d love to get into the non-profit/advocacy sector and work on behalf of sustainable farms. Fingers crossed something comes up in the near future!

    • As for a lifestyle change, I have no plans to go back to the city and would love to have a small hobby farm of my own someday. But just a hobby farm. Running an operation like Wyebrook on my own would be completely overwhelming!

  2. Best of luck to you, what you have learned by rolling up your sleeves and getting dirty is invaluable!! Hope to keep hearing from you!

  3. I can’t believe it’s been a year.
    I’ve learned a lot and smiled a lot reading your posts: Baab, Chicken-dog, Sir Fluffkin, pigs, cows, beautiful scenery and foods, firsts and conquered fears, new friends and skills,… thank you for sharing your adventure!
    Will you be writing about your next one?

    • It will depend on what it is! If it’s an office job, I doubt anyone would want to read about it. For now I plan to keep on writing about agriculture, just not from a first-hand perspective. Any topic suggestions?

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