A few days off turned into a week turned into a month. I’ve been trying to formulate a good “come back” post to get myself back into blogging but being away from the farm left me feeling uninspired. I knew eventually I’d write something if only to let everyone know what I’ve been up to and what I’m doing next (still working on that). This is not that post and it is not a post I ever dreamed I’d have to write.

Pearl, Ryan’s goofy yellow lab, passed away yesterday. She wasn’t quite three years old. Ryan said she got very sick very quickly and that was that. To be perfectly honest I’m glad I wasn’t at the farm for it. I was a complete mess over a pile of dead pullets and I don’t even like chickens. I’m not sure I could’ve handled losing Pearl.


Pearl was the very first being I met at Wyebrook. She came to meet me at my car when I showed up last December (2012) for my interview and I fell in love. She was one of the deciding factors in my choosing Wyebrook over other farms with more established internship programs. I’d been pining for a dog in Brooklyn and this seemed like an ideal opportunity to have a dog in my life without all the responsibility of owning my own.


Despite being almost three, Pearl was a puppy through and through. I’m not sure she ever would have grown up. She was terrified of everything. The cows. Baab. The 4-wheelers.


Her favorite toys were sticks and rocks and her best friends were Yvie (Bryan’s daughter) and Christmas.



You’ve never met a dog so full of joy and life. Every day was the best day. She ran and swam from sun up to sunset and never got tired of it. By February we were all fed up with the snow, but it still fascinated Pearl. Everything amazed her. One day she caught a mouse and was so surprised by the fact that she’d actually caught it that she let it go. That was Pearl. In a constant state of wonder over life.


Her whole world revolved around Ryan & Laurell. She would’ve followed them off a cliff. I watched her when they were away on their honeymoon. All week long she ran out to the driveway any time a car pulled in to see if it was them.

I didn’t see her the last time I went up to the farm. It was for Lauren and my farewell dinner. Ryan and Laurell had put her in for the night and I told them not to bring her out and get her all worked up since I’d be back up soon. Now I wish I’d given her one more hug. Wyebrook won’t be the same without her.


7 thoughts on “Pearl

      • I remember walking into the house in the weeks after our family dog died. To go from warm, wiggly greetings to utter silence… whew. Nope, not the same at all.

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