Life Update

I owe those of you who are still  following my adventure a life update. I will try not to ramble.

The past month has been a bit of a whirlwind between my trip to Disney and hosting my sister’s baby shower. Disney was great! Actually, the running part was pretty miserable, but it was warm so I wasn’t complaining. By some miracle I managed to run 19.3 miles (10K Saturday morning and a half-marathon on Sunday) without having trained at all. We won’t discuss how long it took me to finish. And don’t worry. My body punished me for it. I spent the next few days hobbling around, barely able to climb the stairs.

Soon I will once again have fun farm stories for you all! Next Monday I start work at Coverdale Farms which is part of the Delaware Nature Society. The farm operates a CSA which is where I’ll be working. I feel horribly unprepared. I learned may things at Wyebrook, like how to slaughter a chicken and castrate a calf, but I didn’t learn a single thing about growing food. Only raising it. Apart from helping out occasionally in my dad’s garden and last year’s garden night, I’m illiterate when it comes to produce production. I’m excited to round out my knowledge a bit more with this experience.

Speaking of garden night, it starts up again next week so that should be fun. I’m close enough that I’ll still be able to participate. If anyone has any good (easy) dessert recipes that feed a crowd, send them my way!

So that’s what is going on with me. I’m still looking for a full-time position and am leaning more towards the non-profit/advocacy/marketing side of sustainable agriculture than the actual farm side. I miss all the animals terribly and am biding my time until I finally settle down a bit and get a dog. Or maybe a pygmy goat.

As for the blog, I do plan to continue posting though not as frequently as I did while at the farm. I just don’t have the material without Ryan, Steve and our menagerie. I’m not putting myself on a schedule, i.e. a post on Monday, Wednesday and Friday, because I don’t like structure. This blog has always been something fun for me and I want it to stay that way. When I have something to share, I will! My goal is to post 2-3 times a week, but that’s not set in stone. Also, if there’s anything you’d like me to write about, please let me!

2 thoughts on “Life Update

  1. 19.3 miles?! The longest I’ve ever run is 2 miles, in basic training – and even that felt like torture. Despite regular training, it never became easy or enjoyable. I can’t even IMAGINE 19. Good for you.

    Congratulations on Coverdale! Rounding out your knowledge sounds like a smart move – especially if you plan to advocate. And it’s nice that you’re close enough to Wyebrook that you can go to garden night and see everybody (including the pigs) again. 🙂

    Thanks for the update – and good luck finding a full-time position!

    • It wasn’t 19 all at once. That I know I couldn’t handle. Having completed 3 half marathons, I can confidently say I have zero desire to ever run a full. Then again, there was a time when I had zero desire to run a half so never say never?

      Thanks for all the support and encouragement! It means the world to me.

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