I survived my first day at the new farm. And my second day. I would have posted yesterday, but after a full day of work, 2 trips to Whole Foods, and a minor melt down, I decided sleep was more important. Is there anything in life a good night’s sleep can’t fix? I doubt it.

Yesterday was mostly orientation. Two other folks – Nate & Jennifer – started yesterday, too. We got a tour of the farm, met some of the other full-time employees, took care of some admin business and all that good stuff. That took up most of the morning. It was pretty rainy after lunch so we spent the afternoon repotting tomato plants. Dan, the farm manager, started them as seeds and they were ready for a bit more room. They’ll spend some time in these larger pots before we plant them in the hoop house.

Today we planted potatoes. Five hundred pounds of potatoes. I got to drive the tractor to dig the rows which was kind of fun, but it is a much fancier tractor than I am used to. I miss “my” Deere.

That’s about it. We got in a shipment of onions which we will plant sometime this week. Other than tomatoes and cucumbers, they don’t start most of their own plants; they buy them from a guy in Pennsylvania. From what I understand they are just about ready so we’ll start on them next week. The rest of this week will be dedicated to prepping the beds and laying plastic mulch to help control the weeds.

The highlight of my days thus far has been arriving in the morning. Walking from the parking lot to the office takes me past the sheep pasture. The sheep are incredibly tame (and also rather hungry at that hour) and they come running to the fence to greet me. There are two lambs who were born over the weekend. There are also two cows, a Jersey and a Hereford, who each have new calves and a pregnant sow.

Sadly, my role at the farm really doesn’t involve the animals. Tomatoes are tasty and all, but they just don’t capture my heart like piglets do. Perhaps the onions will win me over.

2 thoughts on “Orientation

    • No, it’s a seasonal position. And as of right now I’m only signed up for two months. I figured if I didn’t have a full time job by that point I’d be moving to Baltimore or Nashville, but my part-time position with PASA changes that so I’m not sure what the plan is now.

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