A little farm update for you all. Things are going well. It’s a lot of getting ready to get ready. Laying plastic mulch, setting up irrigation, seeding stuff all to get ready to plant. After every thing is planted, you have to tend it for months before it’s time to harvest. Then finally you can enjoy the literal fruits (or vegetables) of your labors.

That is my biggest struggle with vegetable farming. I am a product of the microwave generation. I like instant gratification. It’s a flaw that I am aware of and working on, but it is a reality of my life nonetheless. A piglet cannot provide instant gratification in the form of bacon, but it rewards you instantly with its cuteness. A tomato seed? Not so much. I’m learning to appreciate the plants, but it is taking time.

Today we were back working with the water wheel transplanter. We planted lettuce and chard. At first Dan drove the tractor while Jen and I planted. We planted as fast as we could, but still couldn’t keep up with Dan’s driving! We kept hollering for him to stop so we could catch up and wishing he’d just slow down a bit.

After lunch a volunteer (Sarah) came to help. Dan had some other things to get done so I drove the tractor while Jen and Sarah planted. What do they say about walking a mile in someone’s shoes? It is impossible to drive the tractor slow enough for the planters to keep up. It can’t be done. I was barely touching the gas pedal and still it was too fast. I have now accepted that our stopping-starting dance is just the way things have to be when it comes to planting.

What seems painfully fast to the planters is excruciatingly slow for the driver. It’s all depends on where you’re sitting.

Speaking of piglets…

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