Schedules are Useful

I need a schedule. Set days when I promise to write come hell or high water. I’ve been meaning to figure something out, but most nights I am just too tired. Even as I type this I find myself nodding off. Yes, I know it’s only 8:15. Vegetable farming is a lot more tiring than animal husbandry. How about Monday, Wednesday and Saturday or Sunday? That seems manageable.

Farming currently consumes my life even more so than it did at Wyebrook. I spend 3 days a week (Monday, Wednesday & Friday) at Coverdale prepping beds for planting, planting, weeding, irrigating, fertilizing, etc. No harvesting yet, but that is coming. Garden night has resumed so my Tuesday evenings are also spent up to my elbows in dirt and seeds. Tuesday day and Thursday I’m at PASA doing a wide variety of agriculture-related work from fundraising to event planning to grant implementing. And if I’m not too tired I help my dad with his garden on Saturdays. But normally I’m too tired.

I’m still adjusting to life at this much faster pace. Sometimes it seems more hectic than NYC! Life at Wyebrook was definitely lived in a very peaceful bubble.

Still, life is good! I love learning about vegetables and PASA is an incredible organization. They just don’t lend themselves to funny stories about silly cows or cute pictures of piglets. Actually, vegetable farming doesn’t lend itself to any pictures. My hands are normally too muddy to mess with my phone.

I do have a good story from today. I decided to wear my Vibrams to work instead of my Muck boots. It’s getting warming and the boots are just too hot. The ground dried out well from last week’s flood so I didn’t think mud would be an issue. Plus, I really should be wearing my Vibrams more frequently as they keep the muscles in your feet strong.

In the whole crop plot (roughly 3 acres), there was one muddy spot where the whole field drains. Just one spot in the whole field. Where did we work today?

20140507_Muddy VibramsAnd that picture wasn’t taken at the muddiest of spots. At the worst points my feet were completely submerged. Note to self: always wear Muck boots.

The guys up at MoGreena (garden night) rescued some baby ducks the other week. I am slightly obsessed with them. I miss having animals in my life on a daily basis.




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