Super Soil

I’m a big fan of Ted Talks. I feel like I’m back in college when I watch them. This is one of my favorites. FarmerĀ Fred Kirschenmann talks about the importance of caring for and keeping our soil healthy. It’s only 15 minutes long so you have no excuse not to watch it! Continue reading

Let Them Eat Acorns

I came across this article in the New York Times about Joel Salatin’s Polyface Farm. It’s an interesting read about raising pigs on pasture. Salatin rotates them through the forests much like he moves his cows from pasture to pasture. This rotation is good for the environment as it gives the land time to rest between each pig grazing (which is more of tilling than grazing). It is also better for the pigs. Moving them to clean pastures reduces disease. Think of your bed. You change your sheets regularly, right? Especially after an illness. Moving pigs to new pastures is like changing sheets. Give it a read when you have a minute.

When Sustainable Agriculture Isn’t

Sustainable farming is all the rage these days, or so it seems. Farmers’ markets, farm-to-table restaurants, CSAs, pastured meat. It’s everywhere! But what makes a farm truly sustainable? Merriam-Webster defines “sustainable” as something “of, relating to, or being a method of harvesting or using a resource so that the resource is not depleted or permanently damaged.” Continue reading

The Organic Milk Advantage

A new study reveals that when it comes to milk, organic whole milk may be your best bet. This is good news for me since that is my dairy drink of choice. It’s also exciting for the organic movement as this is a clear example of the organic advantage when it comes to nutrition. There are a lot of quasi-scientific studies that support organic health claims (e.g. sample sizes are too small, methodology is questionable, findings are inconclusive), but this study seems to be solid across the board. Continue reading