Trouble Brewing in Proposed FDA Regulations

Pigs are my favorite animals. While I loved all the animals at Wyebrook, they stood out from the rest. I think I like them because I can relate to their personalities. They are curious, stubborn, goofy, and completely adorable. Just like me, right? They should be your favorite, too. Why?  They are one of the most sustainable animals out there. They take compost – scrap food that would otherwise end up in landfills – and turn it into bacon and sausage. What more could you ask for from an animal? Continue reading

Farmed & Dangerous

OK, Chipotle. I loved your first video, “Back to the Start.” It was beautifully animated, subtle, and had just the right amount of emotional pull. It focused on improving  animal welfare and the environment without bashing on factory farming. After I watched it I wanted to find a CAFO and set all the cows free, while eating one of your burritos, of course. Continue reading