Peace Offering

Tomorrow I start with Delaware Nature Society so I will once again have farm-related things to share! While these new stories won’t involve adorable piglets, veggies are exciting in their own right. And who couldn’t use a few more veggies in their life? Continue reading

Farming Without

Farming without a 4-wheeler is hard work. With 350 acres to cover, vehicles are essential. When possible, I prefer walking, but it simply isn’t practical when you have to haul four 20+ lb. buckets of feed to the pig runs or check on the steers on the other side of the farm. Sure, we could do all of these tasks on foot, but we’d get a lot less done each day. The vehicles are a must. Continue reading

Ice Isn’t Nice

My alarm went off at 6:45 a.m. as it does every morning. I turned on the light and grabbed my phone to do my devotions. A few seconds later I realized it was still dark. Blaming it on the usual morning fog that fills my head, I reached for the light again. Nothing. I checked my phone. It was plugged in, but the charging light wasn’t on. The power was out. Continue reading