The Cast

For the past few months I’ve operated under the assumption that most people reading along know who I’m talking about when I mention Ryan or Steve or Lauren. It occurred to me today that this is no longer the case. I have a new crop of co-workers and introductions are in order. Continue reading


I survived my first day at the new farm. And my second day. I would have posted yesterday, but after a full day of work, 2 trips to Whole Foods, and a minor melt down, I decided sleep was more important. Is there anything in life a good night’s sleep can’t fix? I doubt it. Continue reading

Peace Offering

Tomorrow I start with Delaware Nature Society so I will once again have farm-related things to share! While these new stories won’t involve adorable piglets, veggies are exciting in their own right. And who couldn’t use a few more veggies in their life? Continue reading