Heavenly Chicken

Today was one of those days. Another pipe burst last night so we were once again without water.  I checked the forecast before heading to bed last night and knew the weather wasn’t supposed to be great, but when I read “snow flurries” I don’t picture over an inch of accumulation which is what we got. The snow did a wonderful job of covering all the ice. My fall-free streak ended this morning (of course Ryan and Steve were both witnesses) with a nice bruise to my tailbone and ego. The I got shocked. Twice. By a gate which shouldn’t even be hot. The grounding rods were installed properly. Normally it’s not a problem, but if you grab it just right on a rainy day, you get zapped. It isn’t easy to do and in my ten months here, I’d only ever done it once. Today, I managed this perfect grip twice in one day. Continue reading

When Life Hands You Chickens

It was a balmy 22*F today. The pigs were thrilled! They were running about, thrilled to be out of the stuffy (but toasty) huts. Twenty-two is still cold, but it passes the 15*F mark so it was noticeably warmer. I even found myself wanting to lose a layer or two as I worked up a sweat walking through the pastures! Continue reading