Schedules are Useful

I need a schedule. Set days when I promise to write come hell or high water. I’ve been meaning to figure something out, but most nights I am just too tired. Even as I type this I find myself nodding off. Yes, I know it’s only 8:15. Vegetable farming is a lot more tiring than animal husbandry. How about Monday, Wednesday and Saturday or Sunday? That seems manageable. Continue reading

Pumpkin Carving

Tonight was the last garden night of the season which means I stayed out too late and am too tired to write much. Not to mention we are starting at 6:30 tomorrow for chicken slaughter. Instead, you get pictures of our garden night pumpkin carving fun. Enjoy! Continue reading

Skirt Steak

Today I canned twenty-two quarts of tomato purée. Well, technically twenty. Two went straight in the freezer because I didn’t feel like running another canner load for just two jars. Two didn’t seal so they went in the freezer, too. That’s a lot of tomato purée. Thank goodness for Mabel! She definitely earned her keep today. She is, without a doubt, one of the best investments I’ve made. Her ability to pulverize pretty much anything saved me from having to run all the tomatoes through a food mill to remove the skins and seed. Continue reading