Snow makes me crave soup. Not just any soup. Broccoli cheddar soup. Growing up this was the only way I liked broccoli. In rich, creamy, cheesey soup. Other kids wanted hot chocolate when they finished playing in the snow. I wanted broccoli soup! Continue reading

Brussels Sprouts

I did not grow up eating Brussels sprouts. My mother never cooked them. I have vague memories of them being a threat of sorts. Like if I did something wrong I’d have to eat Brussels sprouts. Which is silly because my mom would have had to cook them before she could force me to eat them and that wasn’t going to happen. Like I said, the memory is vague. I probably picked it up from a book somewhere. Continue reading

Cornbread & Chili

Dinner tonight was chili made with Wyebrook ground beef and bacon. It is my favorite product. The bacon and cured and hot smoked right on the farm. After the guys slice it, any scraps and ends are ground in with the beef so you get bacon-y goodness with every bite. Any recipe that calls for ground beef is vastly improved by substituting ground beef and bacon. You really can’t go wrong. Continue reading