A Lack of Productivity

Every morning I wake up with an optimistic outlook on how much I am going to accomplish with my day. As I sip my coffee I make all kinds of plans for the afternoon. On days I farm I finish work at 4:00 which leaves me plenty of time to go for a run, gas up my car, swing by the grocery store, and pick up a new library book. Totally do-able. Continue reading

Schedules are Useful

I need a schedule. Set days when I promise to write come hell or high water. I’ve been meaning to figure something out, but most nights I am just too tired. Even as I type this I find myself nodding off. Yes, I know it’s only 8:15. Vegetable farming is a lot more tiring than animal husbandry. How about Monday, Wednesday and Saturday or Sunday? That seems manageable. Continue reading


A little farm update for you all. Things are going well. It’s a lot of getting ready to get ready. Laying plastic mulch, setting up irrigation, seeding stuff all to get ready to plant. After every thing is planted, you have to tend it for months before it’s time to harvest. Then finally you can enjoy the literal fruits (or vegetables) of your labors. Continue reading

The Water Wheel Transplanter

Planting is back- and knee-breaking work. Jen and I know this all too well. We planted onions for three hours yesterday afternoon, alternating between squatting, kneeling, bending and any other semi-comfortable position we could find. None of them remained comfortable for more than a few feet. In those three hours we planted 2.5 hundred-foot rows. As we contemplated all the planting our futures held, we groaned. Continue reading